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Hosted by Edward Walton, Andrea Fisher, Rod Trent, and Brodie Cassell, the Microsoft Security Insights Show provides information, news, tips on the Microsoft Security Solutions including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure, and Microsoft 365. 

May 26, 2023

Show Guest: Tim McCreight MSc - National Director, Market Development and Strategic Advisory & 2023 President - ASIS International

Topic: Innovators will always search for the next solution to the challenges they’re faced with. However, in a world full of buzzwords and flavors of the week, it’s important to...

May 19, 2023

Stop by as we talk with Ricky Simpson and Federico Charosky from Quorum Cyber - Managed & Professional Cyber Security Services.

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May 12, 2023

Dale O'Grady joins us from Vectra AI, joins Rod and Brodie to demonstrate the integrations of Vectra’s capabilities within Microsoft Sentinel.

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Vectra® uses artificial intelligence to automate real-time cyber attack detection and response – from network users and IoT devices to data centers and...

May 5, 2023

Join Mia ReyesOlivia Armstrong, and Richard Diver for a fun and informative discussion about the Foundational Security Team, and insights into how Microsoft’s marketing team works with both the product group and our customers to inform you on the latest and greatest in cybersecurity, and more.

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