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First off, I want to thank all our loyal watchers and listeners. Your groundswell support has launched this show into directions we never thought possible. Our audience numbers continue to grow rapidly because of all of you.


For those that are new to our show community, stumbled onto the show accidentally, or are just finding out about it by reading this after one of those loyal audience participants forwarded it to you, we wanted to make sure you know of all the ways you can participate in this growing community.

The show is a conversational, free-flowing event with a single rule: have fun!

Our one true goal is to make learning about security and cybersecurity approachable. A lot of shows are informative, but dry. Our unique blend of personalities, guests, and topics ensures that everyone has fun while learning.

We talk all things Microsoft Security. Our guests include folks like Microsoft security PMs and CVPs, Microsoft security partners, MVPs, security and certification book authors, and more.


Every Monday evening the show streams live for about an hour at the following network links:

The live version offers real-time audience participation including questions, jokes, and commentary.


After the live event, the show is available immediately for live video replay on YouTube, Twitter/X, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It lives forever on Twitter/X,YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

There may be episodes where there are demos, where Brodie is showcasing his latest gardening photos or where Edward is wearing a funny hat, so the live event or the live video replay is definitely recommended in those cases. But with each episode provided here on this site, we also include the video replay so you can always catch the demo or two.

Audio Podcast

After the live show, an audio version is produced and delivered across all your favorite podcast platforms. You can search for Microsoft Security Insights and find us everywhere.

Here’s some direct links on various services:



The audio podcast version is released shortly after the live show, but we release the audio version early here on Substack for those that prefer to listen using a browser or through download for listening later.

You can find all the past episodes here on Substack on the Podcast tab in the top menu. But you can also link to it here: https://www.microsoftsecurityinsights.com/podcast


Speaking of audio podcast listening, Garmin users can listen to the weekly episodes on their audio/music enabled fitness devices using Playrun.

Here’s the direct link to the podcast on Playrun: https://www.playrun.app/podcast/30fe01b9-8f58-4aab-aef2-c640942e9ef7


Like all the cool kids we have our own Discord server where there’s always some awesome conversation happening. Stop by to talk about the show or participate in the many security topics happening there. Or, hey — if you’re keen, stop by Brodie’s Defender for Gardening channel. A little-known fact: Brodie is the Martha Stewart of security.

You can join the Discord channel using this link: https://discord.gg/hs4PTfk8Tm

A big, huge Security Insights show THANK YOU to noodlemctwoodle who helps manage and moderate the Discord channel.

Social Accounts

Like any other credible show, we also have tent stakes posted in a couple social media networks.

You can find us on:


We also have out own show GitHub repo which you can find here: https://github.com/The-Microsoft-Security-Insights-Show

This resource contains notes, content, and code shared on the show from our weekly guests.

Your Hosts

Your current show hosts are, of course…

Raae Wolfram, Edward Walton, Brodie Cassell, and Rod Trent

Use the links and come find us on LinkedIn. We’re always happy to connect. Heck, you may even be on an upcoming show!


The following represents our upcoming schedule. We try to keep this updated and as accurate as possible. Things can change but use the following as the source of truth. This is updated as new dates are filled.

Our show fills up fast! Want to be a guest on the show? Reach out directly to securityinsights@substack.com and let us know.

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Hosted by Raae Wolfram, Edward Walton, Rod Trent, and Brodie Cassell, the Microsoft Security Insights Show provides information, news, tips on the Microsoft Security Solutions including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure, and Microsoft 365


Rod Trent is a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft. He has spoken many times at many conferences over the past 30-some years and has written several books and hundreds of articles.
Edward Walton is a security leader with over 20 years of experience in information security. His focus is Threat Intel, threat analytics and SIEM.