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The following represents our upcoming schedule. We try to keep this updated and as accurate as possible. Things can change but use the following as the source of truth. This is updated as new dates are filled.

June 2024

June 10, 2024 - Episode 213 - Robert Disney- 5PM EST - Join us this episode as we invite and talk with Robert Disney. Robert is doing some amazing things with ChatGPT and security.

Jun 17, 2024 - Episode 214 - Difenda and CfS- 5PM EST - In this episode, our good friends from Difenda will drop by to talk about stories from the MSSP trenches, how they help customers accelerate cyber maturity via Microsoft Security technologies (including Copilot for Security), who they think will take home the Stanley Cup, and any other topics we throw at them. Joining us from the Difenda team will be Andrew Hodges and Kyle Link, two guys with plenty of infosec scar tissue, and as a result, an equal number of pragmatic solutions.

Jun 24, 2024 - Episode 215 - Cribl- 5PM EST - We have a treat this week! You've heard about it. Many of you have used it and swear by it. Now hear directly from ...drum roll, please... Cribl!

July 2024

July 1, 2024 - Episode 216 - Just Us - 5PM EST - Join us as we have a hosts-only show leading up to Independence Day. Independence Day, known colloquially as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence, which was ratified by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, establishing the United States of America.

July 8, 2024 - Episode 217 - Heike Ritter - 11AM EST - Join us this episode as we welcome Heike Ritter, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft! Many of you already know (or have heard of) Heike, but this episode we get her all to ourselves to talk about how in her role at Microsoft she is leading knowledge building through the Virtual Ninja Training series, among other things.

July 15, 2024 - Episode 218 - Michael Melone - 5PM EST - Join us this episode as we talk with Michael Melone, Cyber Threat Hunter at Microsoft. Michael Melone is a cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of experience, specializing in determined human adversary incident response, security operations, and KQL. As a principal security researcher for Microsoft's Defender Experts for XDR, Michael works as part of a team of analysts overseeing security operations for its customers and drives product design for the software used in its delivery. Prior to this role, he spent over 7 years investigating targeted attack incidents at customers across the globe as well as 3 years helping large enterprise customers onboard and operationalize the Microsoft 365 Defender XDR suite. Michael holds an executive MBA from USF, a Master of Science in IT Management specializing information assurance and security from Capella University, as well as being a long-time holder of the CISSP certification and a variety of other IT industry certifications. Michael is also the author of the books Designing Secure Systems and Think like a Hacker.

July 22, 2024 - Episode 219 - The Definitive Guide to KQL- 5PM EST - Join us this episode as we welcome the authors of The Definitive Guide to KQL from Microsoft Press, Mark Morowczynski, Matthew Zorich, and Rod Trent. Learn about the writing process. Hear how this book was put together, why it’s such an important release, and learn how this is not just a book, but a community collaboration. It takes a village. P.S. We'll be giving away 2 copies of the book to the live stream audience. Join for details.

July 29, 2024 - Episode 220 - Red Canary and CfS - 5PM EST - Join us this episode as we welcome back Red Canary to the show. But this time, we'll dig into what Red Canary is doing with Generative AI and specifically as part of the Copilot for Security partners program.


August 2024

It’s theme month!

From Passion to Profession: Cyber Journeys of Determination (unique paths to cybersecurity)

This month on the show, we delve into the inspiring world of cybersecurity through our special series. Each episode is a unique narrative that explores the unconventional and remarkable paths individuals have taken to forge a career in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Join us as we celebrate these cyber warriors who have turned their passion into a profession, demonstrating that determination and a love for technology can open doors to a fulfilling career in cybersecurity.

August 5, 2024 - Episode 221 - Pending

August 12, 2024 - Episode 222 - Pending

August 19, 2024 - Episode 223 - Hatim Othman - 5PM EST - Join us this episode as we continue our Passion to Profession month as we welcome Hatim Othman, Information Security Leader at Cisco Meraki. While pursuing his undergraduate degrees to become a veterinarian, Hatim didn't expect to make his way into cybersecurity after graduation, but that's just the path he found himself on, and he couldn't be happier! With a background in desktop support, incident response, and SecOps across healthcare, gaming, legal and technology industries, Hatim brings his expertise and breadth of experience to offer different solutions and perspectives to the organizations he works at. He may not be an old dog getting taught new tricks, but he definitely integrates both new and old tricks into his work with incredible results. Outside of his profession, Hatim has a passion for coffee and can be found highly caffeinated at almost any hour of any day.

  • Prior speaking engagement at BSides Buffalo:

August 26, 2024 - Episode 224 - 5PM EST - Join us this episode as we continue our Passion to Profession month as we welcome Arielle Cireseanu-Acevedo, Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance Analyst. Born and raised in New York, Arielle has been working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for 12 years. She started working in the clinical administrative space, two months prior to starting law school. Since then, in addition to graduating law school and becoming an attorney, she has progressed through various sectors of the the organization, working in HR Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Environmental Health and Safety, and, for the last 6 years, the Information Security Office. Within InfoSec, Arielle works in the Governance, Regulatory and Project Management group overseeing cybersecurity policies, ensuring regulatory, legal and program alignment and contributing to various projects including those related to education and awareness, and review/implementation of security best practices. Arielle enjoys escape rooms, trivia, languages, and, above all, spending quality time with her husband and almost two-year-old daughter.

September 2024

September 2, 2024 - Episode 225 - Pending

September 9, 2024 - Episode 226 - Pending

September 16, 2024 - Episode 227 - 5PM EST - Join is this episode as we welcome Microsoft royalty: Nishan DeSilva. Learn what's it's like leading a team of Principal Product People Manager Leads, Principal Product Managers, Developers and Senior Product Managers across globe.

September 23, 2024 - Episode 228 - Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors - 5PM EST - Come learn about the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program! This program is aimed at students who are interested in technology and have a passion for sharing their knowledge with others. The program provides students with the opportunity to learn about new Microsoft products, engage with like-minded peers, and receive training and resources to help them become successful technology leaders on their campuses. The Microsoft Student Partner program is a similar program that is a global group of on-campus ambassadors who are eager to help fellow students, lead in their local tech community, and develop technical and career skills for the future.


September 30, 2024 - Episode 229 - Pending

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